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Modern Clinical Trial Management with a focus on data protection.


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Data protection

Olyro takes data protection seriously, with Olyro Studies you are prepared for the new directives of the EU-GDPR and the german BDSG (neu), which has come into effect on May 25th, 2018. This includes logging of all accesses, as well as encrypted transmission and storage of the data.


We are offering to host Olyro Studies for you. You can choose your own subdomain according to <name>.study.olyro.de, SSL certificate included. We take care of all the data protection responsibilites and the resulting contracts, so you can get started right away.

More than a survey

Olyro Studies is able to do more than just display a list of questions. Connect questions logically using And-, Or- and Negation-Operators and let follow-up questions depend on your decision. Furthermore, Olyro Studies can derive questions automatically for you. Try our demo.

Create in Excel

With Olyro Studies, you don't need programming skills to create your knowledge base. Nevertheless, we offer more possibilities than many other online tools. That is why our knowledge bases are created with Excel. You like to move a question in a survey? No problem, it is as simple as moving a row in Excel. Excel is a powerful tool and you are already using it. Build on your know-how.


As a director of studies, you can receive the data of all participants as a simple to evaluate Excel sheet with just one click, or explore it directly in the browser. Your data falls into several categories and must be evaluated separately? No problem. Create your own groups, assign part of your data or invite other participants. Analyse all groups together or separately and export your data for further processing.


Are your questions short, but you have hundreds? Change from a 1-column survey to a 2- or 3-column survey. There are many possibilities to adapt the questionnaire to your requirements. Should these configuration options no longer suffice your demands, we will gladly provide you with a cost-effective offer for a custom design that fits your needs.


Self Hosted

Host Olyro Studies yourself. We provide a complete Docker Image, so you can easily set up your system. We gladly provide you with individual components, if Docker is not an option. (E-Mail support with 48h response time included.)

Hosted by Olyro

We take care of the hosting for you. All your data is going to be stored in a ISO 27001 certified data center and compliant with new data protection guidelines. (E-Mail support with 48h response time included.)

Custom Made

Do you need more features, suppport or make adjustments to the application's interface? We will be more than happy to assist you and to develop a tailored solution.

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