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Full Stack Web Development

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We will provide support during the development of your frontend or backend systems: Ranging from classic desktop programs over web applications up to mobile apps for all standard platforms (Android, iOS and UWP). With our comprehensive experience in areas such as JVM (Java, Scala), .Net(C#, F#), Web technologies (ES2015, CSS, HTML) and native technologies (C++, Rust), we are able to integrate our application into your existing infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to use the extensive applications provided by artificial intelligence in your company? We will gladly support you with our expertise in the areas of NLP, Machine Learning, Information Extraction and Expert Systems. Our direct contact with unversity-based research ensures that we remain up to date with the latest technology.


Do you want to implement your ideas independently? We will be happy to advise you during development and realisation of your solution. We offer support in areas such as modern web development, classic backend applications and mobile apps. We will assist you with Programming, Software Engineering and DevOps. In addition, we are offering training seminars for various programming paradigms and languages (OOP and functional programming).

The Team

We are a team of computer scientists from Würzburg (Germany), specialized in the areas of software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Felix Herrmann, M.Sc.


Felix Herrmann obtained his bachelor and master degree in computer science with honors at the university of Würzburg and is currently obtaining his doctorate at the faculty of artificial intelligence and applied informatics.

At an early stage he started to deal with topics such as programming and computer science. During his school days he also organized and conducted lessons for younger students.

He got involved with topics such as programming and computer science at a very early stage, he even organized and conducted informatic lessons for younger classes during his school days.

At the university, he supervises various lectures such as artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems and medical computer science.

He is a founding member and organizer of open IT colloquium at the university of Würzburg where he gives regularly talks, just recently about interesting details and safety-related parts of Java serialization.

Christoph Müller, M.Sc.

Managing Director

Christoph Müller successfully studied computer science (bachelor and master) at the university of Würzburg. He specializes in software and performance engineering and even published his research in that field. He also operates in the field of computer graphics, specifically raytracing und offline rendering.

He is interested in the complete technology stack ranging from hardware description language and assembler up to web and app development.

He is also a founding member of the open IT colloquium at the university of Würzburg and gives regularly talks. Recently about the programming language LISP.